These forward-looking statements naturally require assumptions from the Bank and are subject to general and specific risks and uncertainties. Given the uncertainties in the physical, financial, economic, political and regulatory environment, these risks and uncertainties – many of which are beyond the Bank`s control and whose effects may be difficult to predict – may cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements. Risk factors that, individually or as a whole, could result in these differences include credit, the market (including equity, commodities, currencies, interest rates and credit spreads), operational liquidity, technology and infrastructure, reputation, insurance, strategy, regulation, environment, capital adequacy and other risks. These risk factors are general business and economic conditions in the regions where the Bank operates; The Bank`s ability to meet key priorities, including successful acquisitions and divestitures, business engagement plans, strategic plans and the ability to attract, develop and retain key executives; disruptions or attacks (including cyberattacks) against information technology, the internet, network access or other voice or data communication systems or services of the bank; The development of various types of fraud or other criminal behaviour to which the Bank is exposed; The inability of third parties to meet their obligations to the bank or its related companies, including the maintenance and control of information; the impact of new changes or enforcement of current laws and regulations, including, but not only on tax legislation, capital guidelines and liquidity regulation guidelines, as well as the « bailout-in » system of bank recapitalization; Exposure to major litigation and regulatory issues increased competition, including through the internet and mobile banking and by non-traditional competitors; Changes to the Bank`s credit ratings changes in currency and interest rates (including the possibility of negative interest rates); Increased financing costs and market volatility due to market liquidity and financing competition; Critical estimates and changes to the Bank`s accounting standards, policies and methods; ongoing and potential international debt crises; and the emergence of natural and unsurred catastrophic events and claims resulting from such events. « We look forward to this agreement, which will bring long-term stability, continuity and value to our TD Aeroplan customers, » said Bharat Masrani, Group President and Managing Director of TD Bank Group. « We are pleased to have taken this important step to become the leading credit card issuer for Air Canada`s new loyalty program, which strengthens our strength in the Canadian credit card industry and positions us well for future growth. » 3 Must apply until January 17, 2021. The welcome bonus of 10,000 Aeroplans will not be awarded to the TD Aeroplan member account® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite (« Account ») until after the first purchase of the account. For residents outside Quebec: To obtain the Buddy Pass Bonus (also known as the « Bonus Companion Pass »), you must make $1,000 net (minus returns and possible credits) to your account within 90 days of opening the account.