Second, each witness must sign and print his or her name, and then enter the date of signature in the fields provided for this purpose. Finally, a « Notary Confirmation » section for the comfort of the notary present has been included. Mississippi Guardian of a Minor Power of Attorney Forme can be used if a parent or relative is unavailable for a certain period of time and wishes to leave their children in the care and custody of a trusted friend or relative. Sometimes an adult`s attention is needed when it comes to medical events or the child`s academic world. Of course, it would be helpful if the interim guardian had the power to act on behalf of the children when a parent is not reachable, so that any issues that require opportunity can be dealt with as quickly and responsibly as possible by the child`s caretaker. If all of the above points are accurate, you can avoid a court ruling and get temporary guardianship instead. A temporary guardianship agreement is a private agreement that does not require the judge`s permission. Now that we have identified the child or minor as the center of gravity of this paperwork, we need to identify the parents (a second testimony identified with the other parent) of the child. If the issuer is a legal guardian, we must record their information instead.

In the first space of this statement, enter the full name of the current parent (or legal guardian). In the next part of this statement, there are two control boxes. You should mark the one that best defines who the person who has just been reported is. If the exhibitor is the parent element of the child, mark the « Parent » box, otherwise you activate the second box if the exhibitor is a « court-appointed guardian ». Continue the current parent/legal guardian report by entering their physical address, city and state. Make sure this address is the physical place where the current parent/legal guardian lives. The following statement under the words « (If co-guardian/parent) exists » should be used to enter the other parent`s information. If there are two guardians appointed by the courts, that person must be seized….