Use our convenient solar size calculator and supply generator to find the size of the installation and the cost of your application. The net effect of the above quotas would reduce effective yields by 2.5% per year. With electricity tariff inflation of 5%, adjusted yields remain extremely attractive at 18% per year. Due to economic viability, yields for large solar installations will be higher. Some additional financial benefits of installing solar installations on the roof: Gujarat is blessed with an abundance of sunshine – the whole state has an overall horizontal irradiation of more than 5.5 kWh/m2/day, which is even high in global comparison. Gujarat has been a pioneer in innovative concepts such as solar panels on irrigation canals. As of March 31, 2016, Gujarat had 1,100 MW of photovoltaic installations installed. This year, under the 2015 directive, geDA introduced rooftop solar installation for individual electricity consumers. The Commission added that in the case of solar projects launched by MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises) with more than 50% of contractual needs, the billing of energy accounts would also be carried out on a 15-minute basis. In the case of solar power projects set up for self-consumption or for the sale of third parties, transmission losses that apply to open-access consumers are calculated. The Commission had requested proposals from all stakeholders and had scheduled a public hearing on the proposed tariff framework for solar projects on 7 March 2020.

Solar power projects designed for self-consumption and not registered under the REC mechanism are subject to 50% of the wheel charges applicable to ordinary consumers of open access. Solar projects set up for the sale of third parties and registered under the REC mechanism are subject to 100% of bicycle fees applicable to ordinary open access consumers. Rooftop Solar is a good way to invest your money – as this article shows, if you have a shadowless roof, you can install a solar power plant, save money on your electricity bill and thus earn good returns on your investment. Because the APPC is quite low, the oversize of the rooftop solar installation does not offer many financial benefits.