Under the ZED Multilateral Interline Business Agreement (MIBA), more than 175 global airlines are offering discount fares as part of a multilateral agreement. Participating airlines may offer low, medium or high fares on an available or positive space base. You can also offer ZED trips in economy or premium classes. Below are rules for the top 10 airlines in the world via the WEBSITE FLYZED. Many airlines have their own specific rules and procedures for ID90 passengers. StaffTraveler has a large database containing information about id90. You can find them in the StaffTraveler app and in StaffTraveler Airline online notes. Zonal Employee Discount (ZED) is a multilateral agreement for discounted personal travel for airline staff and other travellers. Airlines may agree bilaterally to apply one of three fare levels (low, medium, high), available/underloaded and/or positive space/business booking status, as well as authorization to travel in economy and/or business class cabins. You`re in the right place! We`ve created the StaffTraveler app that lets you check seat availability for flights you want to travel on. With our advanced flight search engine, you`ll easily find the perfect flights to your destination. By typing, you can request the charges of all possible flights.

The airline staff you wish to travel with will respond to your wishes so that you can choose the perfect itinerary and travel time. Join our 307,000 members of more than 1,000 airlines today. While Interline travel is not totally free, a ZED fare is still a lot for airline employees and authorized passengers. As the name suggests, ZED fares are divided into mileage-based zones (taxes and royalties). According to the agreement, the ticket is then calculated at three different levels; ZED low, ZED middle and high ZED. ZED is half of a larger organization known as the ZED/MIBA Forum. The forum consists of more than 175 member airlines from around the world participating in the ZED and/or MIBA (Multilateral Interline Business Agreement) programs. ZED and MIBA conditions may be requested for travel on and from other airlines, as agreed bilaterally, or by airline personnel travelling on their own flights. The best advantage of working for an airline is the ability for you and your authorized passengers to travel on your company`s unsaleable seats. But what if your airline`s flights are full or if you want to travel to a place where your business doesn`t stop? Introduction: the zonal staff reduction program. This program, more commonly known as the ZED fare, allows airline employees to fly on standby with other airlines around the world.

Thank you very much for your question. This is a question for your airline`s Passport Office. As a general rule, only members on your profile are eligible for the ZED agreement. Depending on your airline`s agreements with other airlines, many other airlines can purchase ZED tickets. Please consult your airline to find out what agreements they have made. ZED/MIBA allows crew members and related persons to travel with all airlines that are part of the Forum and therefore does not limit it to their own airlines, but the price is often higher than ID90. The ticketing process depends on your airline and the partnership agreement. In general, the ticketing is electronic and is treated with myidtravel.com or id90travel.com. Once you have purchased a ZED fare, it applies to this route until it is used or refunded.

You can change it for free on another flight as long as the itinerary is the same. To refund a ZED fare with MyIDTravel, click on the ticket number on the flight list and then click « Refund. » Depending on the airline, the refund is processed immediately or 1-2 weeks later. someone has a pay-ass